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About Us
Qingdao Municipal Archives began to construct in 1959 and was established in July 1961. The Archives cooperated with the newly established Qingdao Municipal Archives Administration of to work in 1963. Now there are departments including executive office, supervision and guidance department I, s...
Archival treasures
Collections introduced There are more than 740,000 volumes of records and documents stored in the Archives, among which there are 220,000 volumes of data recorded the issues happened before the People’s Republic of China was founded. The data reflected the real history of Qingdao in different p...
Informationization construction
Informationization construction Qingdao took the lead in establishing the digital Archives in our country in 2003. By now, Qingdao Municipal Archives has stored more than 15 million archive catalogues、2000 pages of digitized documents、300,000 photo archives and 10,000 hour-long multi-media archive...
Social Service
Social Service Qingdao Municipal Archives created “documents and records service center” in November 2001, which is used to let the citizen access the current public files of the government. The Archives has received over 50,000 people coming to refer and provided over 100,000 volumes of files s...
Qingdao Archives Website | Qingdao Digital Archives
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